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11-27-23: The 2024 Republican Insurance Policy (published by Townhall)

Insurance policies have surfaced in strange ways during recent presidential elections. Who can forget Peter Strzok’s infamous text to his FBI colleague and paramour Lisa Page describing their manufactured “Russia collusion” fraud as an “insurance policy” against Donald Trump’s election in 2016? And some have surmised that Joe Biden’s seemingly inexplicable decision to pick Kamala Harris as his 2020 running mate can best be understood as an insurance policy against his own impeachment.

As it turns out, however, Biden’s vice presidential choice unwittingly has underwritten an even more valuable insurance policy for Republicans in 2024.

Rational Democrats are well aware that Joe Biden cannot be reelected. This is not because of his age but rather his rapidly declining intellectual acuity – recall that he began this descent from an unusually low baseline – and because the man single-handedly is destroying our country and setting the world on fire. Unlike Republicans, however, Democrats are neither stupid nor undisciplined. Therefore, we should anticipate that Democrat power brokers may well orchestrate a late switcheroo replacing Biden with a stronger candidate – perhaps Michelle Obama – before or during their convention in August.

But Republicans can both thwart this skullduggery and ensure victory in 2024 by running against an incumbent President Kamala Harris – seemingly the only living American less electable than Joe Biden. Unlike Biden, if Harris becomes president Democrats could not shunt her aside as their candidate in 2024. No constituency is as essential to Democrats as black women, and jettisoning their own incumbent president – and our first female president, no less – would so alienate this critical voting bloc as to risk destroying the party for the foreseeable future (if not forever). President Kamala Harris would be the Democrats’ presidential candidate. And she would remain unelectable.

Thus, a Harris presidency would be a double insurance policy for Republicans: She would prevent a duplicitous Democrat candidate swap while virtually assuring a Republican president in January 2025.

This begs the obvious question, however: If Republicans succeed in forcing Biden’s premature departure from office would his successor be even worse for our country during the remaining months of Biden’s term? Kamala Harris certainly is among the least impressive Americans to hold high public office; as a former Californian, I can attest to this from long and painful experience. So, closer to the beginning of Biden’s term, I likely would have viewed Harris as the more dangerous of the two. After nearly three disastrous years, however, it’s difficult to imagine anyone worse than Joe Biden. And at least we’d know who actually is running our government because Harris likely would not relinquish presidential control (as Biden obviously has done out of necessity).

Moreover, Harris would have little time in office and she’d spend virtually all of it running for reelection. Indeed, unlike Biden, Harris could not afford to spend next summer on a beach in Delaware while others run the government – and for reelection. So, although we’d continue to live in extraordinarily perilous times during a Harris presidency, she would not have the ability to implement her own destructive program. And, as frightening as Harris’ acumen and judgment are, they cannot be worse than Biden’s.

For these reasons, House Republicans should continue amassing evidence of Biden family racketeering as quickly and as aggressively as possible. They must overpower the media fire wall and present to the American people a sufficiently critical mass of evidence proving Biden’s obvious high crimes to force his resignation from office – à la Richard Nixon – without a Senate trial. This will require prompt articles of impeachment, a strong and motivated House impeachment panel, and early prime time hearings featuring jarring and compelling witnesses including Tony Bobulinski, among many others. The truth will set Joe Biden free (although maybe not from prison).

So Republicans, let’s keep our eye on the prize: President Kamala Harris in 2024.

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