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A.P. = Fake News

Last year, after subscribing to the L.A. Times for four decades, I finally cancelled my subscription -- ironically, not because of their increasingly grating hard leftism or their longstanding vehement anti-Zionism. The straw that finally broke the camel's back was their obnoxious treatment of Dodger star Justin Turner following their phenomenal World Series championship last year.

So I changed over to the L.A. Daily News (along with my decades-long subscription to the WSJ). Although the Daily News editorial board is fairly centrist, they take a large amount of "news" from the Associated Press. I'd previously always thought of the A.P. as a reputable and respected news source. Unfortunately, however, today's A.P. is no more objective or professional than the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Like so many others, the A.P. is now largely a propaganda mouthpiece for the Democrat Party and the political left.

Recently, the following two A.P. items appeared on the same Nation+World News Feed page of the Daily News:

Here's the title of the first piece: "ELECTION CONSPIRACIES LIVE ON WITH AUDIT BY STATE GOP."

And here's the so-called "news" reported in this unattributed A.P. piece:

"Months after former President Donald Trump's election defeat, legislative Republicans in Arizona are challenging the outcome as they embark on an unprecedented effort to audit the results in the state's most populous county.

The state Senate used its subpoena power to take possession of all 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County and the machines that counted them, along with computer hard drives full of data. They've handed the materials over to Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based consultancy with no election experience run by a man who has shared unfounded conspiracy theories claiming the official 2020 presidential election results are illegitimate.

The process is alarming election professionals who fear the auditors are not up to the complex task and will severely undermine faith in democracy."

Below and to the right of that highly objective, astonishingly non-partisan, completely unbiased gem of journalistic integrity -- on the same page of the newspaper -- appeared a "Politics" piece attributed to A.P. reporters Jonathan Lemire and Calvin Woodward with this title: "WHITE HOUSE'S 100-DAY SPRINT IS PRAISED FOR MORE ACTION, LESS TALK."

Here are some passages:

"For any new leader, a lingering pandemic, which has killed more than a half-million citizens would be plenty for a first 100 days. But it has been far from the sole preoccupation for the now 78-year-old Biden.

The oldest person ever elected president is tugging the United States in many new directions at once, right down to its literal foundations -- the concrete of its neglected bridges -- as well as the racial inequities and partisan poisons tearing at the civil society. Add to that list: a call for dramatic action to combat climate change.

He's doing it without the abrasive noise of the last president or the charisma of the last two. Biden's spontaneity, once a hallmark and sometimes a headache, is rarely seen. Americans are seeing more action, less talk and something for the history books.

* * *

Biden 'sees the virtue of going bigger and bolder,' [Dartmouth College professor Matt] Delmont said. 'It so strongly echoes FDR.'

Few would have bet Joe Biden would ever be uttered in the same breath as Franklin D. Roosevelt. It's too soon to know whether he deserves to be.

But the scope of what Biden wants to do would -- if he succeeds -- puts him in the company of that New Deal president, who burst of consequential actions set the 100-day marker by which all successors have been informally measured since.

* * *

[I]n 100 days he has achieved a pandemic relief package of historic breadth and taken executive actions to counter the legacy and agitations of Donald Trump.

The U.S. has pivoted on the environment and established payments that could halve child poverty in a year.

It has embraced international alliances Trump shunned.

It has elevated the health insurance program Republicans tried for years to kill.

If there is a consistent through line to Biden's term so far, it's his attempts to respond to age-old racial inequalities, even in unexpected corners of public policy.

His massive infrastructure pan, for example, contains measures to address harms inflicted generations ago when governments built urban highways through Black neighborhoods.

But without understanding the fracturing of Black neighborhoods from the bulldozer or the heavy pandemic toll on minority communities, [Delmont] said, 'It's hard to know what systemic racism looks like. These are civil rights issues. That's where people want to see actions and resources.'

For the most part, Biden is actually doing more than he promised in his campaign. The election dealt him a hand that makes bigger things possible . . . .

* * *

Biden was deprived of an orderly transition by Trump's false claims of election fraud, which meant delays through the federal bureaucracy.

It means the Trump administration had done little to facilitate vaccine distribution before Biden took office, prompting his complaint about 'the mess we inherited.'"

There you have it. Compare and contrast = FAKE NEWS!

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