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And the equally "woke" -- and equally despicable -- JCPA!

Here's more deeply disturbing evidence that the leadership of most prominent national Jewish organizations has fallen off the "woke" leftist cliff.

Supporting Biden’s nomination of notorious Jew hater Kristin Clarke for the critical post of Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights if utterly inexcusable. Yet that is exactly what the Jewish Council on Public Affairs -- purportedly an "umbrella" organization for the entire American Jewish community -- has done!

Jewish conservatives MUST make our voices heard loudly and clearly at this critical moment in our nation's history: LEFTIST ORGANIZATIONS SUCH AS THE JCPA, THE ADL, THE REFORM MOVEMENT, AND CURRENT LEADERSHIP OF THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT DO NOT SPEAK FOR US!

For the past few years I've been active in a terrific grassroots organization based in L.A., the Jewish Republican Alliance, which was founded by the brilliant and tireless Bruce Karasik and Mitch Silberman. In the near future, after we complete my family's move to New Jersey in June, I will be starting a Central New Jersey chapter of the JRA.

I'll keep you posted here and hope some of my growing number of NJ subscribers will consider joining with us.

Meanwhile, please read this illuminating piece by Jonathan Tobin, hardly a rightwing flame-thrower:

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