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Excellent piece about the most cynical and dishonest Congressional address of our lifetime

Joe Biden's address to a "joint session" of Congress last night was a continuous 1 hour and 6 minute stream of lies, deception, and meaningless platitudes given by the most inept and corrupt person to hold the highest office in our land at least since the 19th century. It was a study in BS.

And what a shocking lack of grace and class not even to acknowledge the undisputed -- and undisputable -- fact that Biden inherited three COVID vaccines less than a year after the pandemic began thanks ENTIRELY to the Trump Administration's Operation Warp Speed. ANY DECENT HUMAN BEING WOULD HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THAT REALITY. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is not in that large group of humans and never has been.

The good news was Sen. Tim Scott's phenomenal response. He delivered a terrific speech and delivered it well. The future looks much brighter than the present.

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