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Glenn Greenwald speaks truth to power re January 6

Glenn Greenwald is not a conservative. Nor, unfortunately, is a Zionist -- or even a friend of Israel. Mr. Greenwald is a person of the left. Thankfully, however, he's an honest broker. And, in the face of today's radical duplicitous Democrat Party, he might even be moving in a righteous, anti-left direction.

Some of the most despicable lies told by our "news" media over recent months have centered on the extraordinarily unfortunate and unwise Capitol riot on January 6. The media continue to dishonestly refer to the event as an "armed insurrection" despite that fact there there were NO arms present -- much less used by protestors -- and there obviously was no "insurrectionist" intent. The media and their Democrat allies also have conspired to bury literally ALL information about the shooting death of unarmed protestor Ashley Babbitt.

But the most despicable lie of all surrounded the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. The NY Times immediately reported that Officer Sicknick was murdered by protestors using a fire extinguisher. The rest of the leftist mainstream media -- redundant -- dutifully parroted this falsehood. Then, when the fire extinguisher fable imploded the media manufactured another lie: That Officer Sicknick died from exposure to bear repellant used by protesters.

In fact, everything about both stories was utterly and thoroughly false. In fact, we now know that Officer Sicknick spoke with with his family on the evening of January 6 and reported no physical problems. And we also now know that Officer Sicknick tragically died from two strokes the following day, apparently due to natural causes having nothing to do with the previous day's events.

Is this the USSR? Are we reading Pravda? How does such blatant media deceit and duplicity occur in this country?

Read Glenn Greenwald's account. It is beyond disturbing.

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