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Heather Mac Donald on the Chauvin verdict

Heather Mac Donald is one of our most astute and articulate commentators. Her recent book The Diversity Delusion should be required reading for anyone who cares about the future of our beloved country.

Democrats continue to instigate racial animosity despite the unprecedented progress America has made over the past half-century to become the least racist multi-racial country ever to have existed. Democrats apparently believe there is political capital to be mined from the escalating racial tension their propagandistic claims of "systemic racism" are causing irrespective of the huge resulting cost in lives and peace. Simply put, the crass irresponsibility of their racist strategy -- which, if unabated, may well provoke a shooting race war -- is beyond comprehension.

And, of course, blacks and other minority groups remain the primary victims of the Democrats' cynical anti-police, anti-rule of law agenda. It is sickening.

Here is how Ms. Mac Donald end today's highly-recommended piece linked below:

"Last year, the United States saw the largest percentage increase in homicides in the nation’s recorded history, thanks to depolicing. The crime wave has continued unabated in 2021. It will worsen. The Minneapolis verdict will not change the poisonous narrative about a racist criminal-justice system. That narrative ensures that encounters between black suspects and the police will remain fraught. Black suspects will continue to resist arrest, increasing the chance that officers will escalate their use of force. If a suspect death ensues, more riots will follow.

The victims will initially be, as always, the thousands of law-abiding blacks in vulnerable urban neighborhoods who yearn for more police protection. But the power of riot ideology—the blackmailing of American institutions with the threat of black rage—is too advantageous to give up.

Americans should be deeply concerned about the future of the rule of law."



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