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John Kerry: Traitor

Of all the leftist cretons populating the Biden Administration none is more vile, has a more despicable track record, and is less thoughtful and competent than John Kerry.

The man has been virulently anti-American for decades. Now we know he's also virulently anti-Zionist (and probably also a Jew hater, which usually correlates with anti-Zionism).

We previously knew Kerry deliberately undermined U.S. foreign policy vis-a-vis the Iranian Jihadists during the Trump Administration. Now we know Kerry also betrayed Israel to those same Jihadists while serving as U.S. Secretary of State under Obama.

And now, of course, this buffoon is jaunting around the world in his private jet, doing his best to leverage "climate" propaganda into a complete leftist takeover of our economy and our country.

The man is utterly despicable. He must be called out by Republican leadership -- and frequently.

From the excellent piece linked below:

"The rather curious defining feature of Democratic Party foreign policy, going back at least four decades, is that our friends must be bullied and our enemies must be appeased. The Democratic worldview holds that America is a source of geopolitical evil whose destructive influences must be tamed and reined in, and that America’s enemies must be emboldened in order to tilt the global playing field away from America’s noxious ambit."

* * *

The American Left frequently responds with bemusement or defiance when it is accused of harboring a barely concealed anti-American animus. With this latest example of the full depth of leftist anti-Israel zealotry and pro-Iran sycophancy, perhaps liberals will respond next time with less confusion. In the interim, John Kerry has helped solidify his odious legacy as a dunderhead par excellence, at best — and a traitorous anti-Western ideologue, at worst."

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