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July 28, 2021: The Marxist onslaught

I hope you are well despite the shockingly dismal state of our beloved country. I'm happy to report that our family has settled nicely into our new home in beautiful Freehold, NJ. It's gorgeous around here, the people in Monmouth County are downright nice, even the crappy weather isn't all that bad, and it's wonderful to be close to family.

With the disastrous "Biden" presidency and the left's increasingly fascistic control of virtually all political, cultural, educational, and media institutions of our society it's difficult to know where to start or what we can do.

Here's the reality: The future of our beloved country rests upon Republican electoral success in 2022 and 2024. If that occurs then we will have a chance to restore the fundamental American values of our Constitutional republic, to right our culture, and to save our ship of state despite the widespread (and in some cases permanent) damage now being inflicted by very bad people who deliberately are attempting to destroy the best and greatest nation ever to have existed.

If not then the United States of America may well be too far down the evil road of Marxism to be saved.

So we must energize, engage, communicate, organize, galvanize, and do everything we possibly can to ensure Republican control of Congress in 2022. Given the breadth of the current disaster I'm posting a number of pieces here addressing a variety of important topics that -- to say the least -- should be highly motivational.

I also urge each of you to buy, read, share, and promote two critically-important books: American Marxism by Mark Levin and The Authoritarian Moment by Ben Shapiro. Not only are they essential reading but their domination of NY Times, WSJ, Amazon, and other best-seller lists should foretell the coming restoration of our country.

Most importantly: Don't despair! Don't give up! Let's keep our chins up and hold our heads high. Let's not hide in the shadows despite threats of cancellation We're on the side of goodness, truth, and virtue. We are fighting bad people who are espousing evil ideologies aimed at destroying our country from within.

And here's the fortunate truth: These fascists constitute only a small minority of the American people.

It's certainly true they've parlayed their totalitarian control of virtually all information media to frighten, mislead, and manipulate another significant chunk of our fellow citizenry into ignorance and paralysis.

But I'm cautiously optimistic that enough of these currently comatose people -- our own family and friends! -- soon will awaken to the awful reality of poisonous Critical Race Theory indoctrinating our precious children with pernicious racism, to an incomprehensible open southern border adding millions of indigent people to our already overwhelmed urban underclass -- particularly in the midst of a global pandemic that has sealed our norther border and shut down other international entry into our country -- to exploding violent crime virtually everywhere, to rampant consumer price inflation, to the sudden obliteration of basic anthropological sex, to the repudiation of our extraordinary American history and Constitutional values, to the theft and perversion of our very language, to the destruction of our vital domestic energy industry and the free enterprise economy it supports in service of fraudulent prognostications of future "climate catastrophe," to the obscene corruption of our "legal system" and "intelligence community" for blatantly partisan Democrat purposes, to the looming sellout of Israel to the Obama-supported Iranian jihadists, to the rising global domination of the Chinese Communist Party in the face of our increasingly "woke" military that's now under pusillanimous civilian leadership, and to the secretive authoritarian control of our federal government by unknown puppeteers conspiring behind the mask of a demented incompetent who was the most notable (and corrupt) moron in DC long before his recent mental demise.

If the currently sleeping mass of centrists and moderate liberals awakens to this pathetic reality -- and if we conservatives effectively communicate why they must do so -- then the small minority of Marxists now controlling our society with impunity will not long maintain this totalitarian grip despite their present ownership of big media and big tech.

And we will have saved the United States of America from the abyss.

God bless each of you, and God bless our good and great country.

#1: Ami Horowitz exposes the real BLM

BLM's ongoing campaign to destroy our country, fueled largely by its fraudulent extortion of corporate America, is among the most appalling aspects of this otherwise appalling moment.

This 17-minute video expose is well worth watching:

#2: Ben Shapiro on leftist censorship and indoctrination of our youth

Does the left have anyone who can remotely touch Shapiro's intellectual prowess? (Needless to say that's a rhetorical question.)

#3: Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald is a man of the left -- someone with whom I undoubtedly disagree on many issues, certainly including Israel.

But Glenn Greenwald is a rare breed, a refreshingly honest person of the left who's prepared to investigate and condemn authoritarian abuse of power irrespective of its political source.

So it's important that we recognize a person with such courageous honesty and I recommend much of what Greenwald writes on Substack, including the following:

The piece above chronicles the FBI's outrageous involvement in the fraudulently concocted -- and equally fraudulent reported -- pre-election "plot" against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and the FBI's likely similar involvement in sparking the January 6 Capitol riot. Here's part of what Greenwald reports:

"As I documented in my own reporting on this question, there is ample evidence to believe that the FBI had informants embedded in at least two of three key groups it says were behind the 1/6 Capitol riot. As I noted at the time, most of the corporate press spewed contempt and scorn on these questions because 1/6 has become an event that carries virtually religious importance to them, and their reverence for the U.S. security state makes them resistant to any suggestions that the FBI may have acted deceitfully — an utterly bizarre mindset for U.S. journalists to possess. But such is the state of the liberal sector of the corporate press today.

Now that one of their own liberal members in good standing — BuzzFeed — has not only proven the FBI's key role in the Whitmer plot but also themselves suggested that it makes more plausible the bureau's involvement in 1/6, these questions are becoming increasingly unavoidable. Both the Whitmer plot and especially 1/6 are absolutely crucial to everything that has happened since: the launch of the new War on Terror, billions more in funds for the security state, proposals for greater surveillance, Biden's use of the intelligence community to insist that anti-government activists constitute the greatest threat to U.S. national security. Asking what role the FBI played in the episode at the Capitol is not only rational but imperative."

I have venerated the FBI my entire life. But events since 2015 have utterly undermined that veneration. Now I view the FBI has a hopelessly corrupt bureaucracy under partisan leftist control that -- in the interest of liberty and equal application of the law -- must be thoroughly dismantled from top down and reassembled piece by piece under careful civilian oversight. Every day the vile Christopher Wray remains FBI Director is yet another day too many -- and a further blight on our beloved country.

And here's a long but fascinating video expose of what happens when fascistic leftists eat their own. Again, it's well worth the time:

#4: Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss is another honest and courageous person of the left -- although I believe she's moving closer to our side of the debate as she experiences today's fascistic leftism that pushed her out of the NY Times and is working overtime to destroy our society.

Here are two excellent pieces she recently posted at her Substack site. Prepare for extreme anger as you read . . .

#5: Chris Rufo continues his heroic revelation of CRT

Chris Rufo remains our most important and courageous revealer of pernicious Critical Race Theory -- a vile manifesto that seeks to undermine everything our country stands for while threatening to incite a bloody race war (which I believe is its adherents' goal).

Here are a few recent examples of Rufo's always important work:

And here's some welcome (albeit unsurprising) news: CRT is rather unpopular!

#6: Litigating CRT's demise

Litigation is becoming and will remain a powerful weapon in our Constitutional war against CRT. I hope soon to be able to put my own litigation expertise to work in this vital effort.

#7: VDH on today's aristocratic Democrat Party

Let me be as clear and straightforward as possible: Read everything Victor Hanson Davis writes and listens to everything he says! Period.

#8: As usual, Dennis Prager cuts straight to the left's abject moral bankruptcy

#9: John Tierney on "The Panic Pandemic"

Here's an outstanding piece by John Tierney of the Manhattan Institute addressing the left's abuse of fear to manipulate the American people:

#10: Dennis Prager and Bassem Eid offer unusually clear insight into the Israeli-Arab conflict

Bassem Eid is a courageous and brilliant Palestinian living in Jericho. This conversation between Eid and Prager is quite enlightening and well worth the time:

#11: The great Calvin Coolidge

In my view, Calvin Coolidge is one of our two least appreciated presidents whom I believe ranks well into our top 10. (The other, Ulysses Grant, ranks in our top 5.)

Here you can read his 1926 address on the Declaration of Independence. Coolidge obviously was a deep thinker -- something we haven't seen in the White House for many years. It's refreshing, even if the speech evidences our steep intellectual decline over the past 95 years.

BTW, I heartily recommend Amity Shlaes' 2013 biography aptly entitled Coolidge.

Thanks again for your interest in The Burg Bulletin! Please don't hesitate to share the link and encourage others to do so. The more people who read and appreciate the brilliant commentators I link here the better for our country and for our future.

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