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June 2, 2021: Google Jew-hater, CRT infection spreads, more suicidal Jews, brilliant book for kids

Greetings from Joplin, MO as Louis, Stanley and I slowly but steadily make our way across this beautiful country to our new home in Freehold, NJ.

#1: Vile Google Jew-hater must go

Kamau Bobb, Google's global head of "diversity strategy," published the following vile statement along with many other Jew-hating tropes: “If I were a Jew I would be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing in defense of myself."

Bobb must go. Statements such as these targeting any other racial, ethnic, or gender group would never be tolerated at Google or elsewhere -- and we must not allow an exception for Jews.

More importantly, Google must go. Monopolistic control of information vital to the proper functioning of our Constitution republic is not consistent with a "free market." These tech giants are simply too big and too powerful. We must use federal antitrust law to reign them in and break them up as Senator Josh Hawley wisely advocates.

Meanwhile, I urge you to eliminate Google from your life. I use Duck Duck Go for my search engine and Opera as my internet browser. Although it's probably not possible to completely exorcise Google from your life, you need this behemoth less than you may realize.

#2: Ben Shapiro exposes America's No. 1 race hustler

Ibram X. Kendi is the most repugnant of race hustlers. And he's a totalitarian zealot who reviles American values and seeks to destroy our Constitutional republic. Let's call out this charlatan for what he is: a despicable, self-promoting fascist and racist.

#3: More C.R.T. destruction of our schools

It's critically-important that we remain knowledgeable and vigilant about the increasing CRT infection of our schools. Here's an important piece by Max Eden of the Manhattan Institute revealing the unsurprising contribution of the Biden administration to this racist poison:

#4: Chris Rufo exposes C.R.T. industrial infection

Chris Rufo's heroic reporting about Critical Race Theory extends to Lockheed:

Did these pusillanimous, self-effacing corporate leaders truly swallow this garbage without objection? These are our contemporary titans of American industry?

#5: BLM Jew-hater

Is anyone surprised that the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors -- who appears to have dropped her devotion to Karl Marx just in time to enrich herself as a marquee race hustler -- advocates destruction of the State of Israel?

So what do the Jewish Reform and Conservative movements -- both of which quite publicly lauded BLM last summer -- have to say now? Hello Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal??

#6: More moral confusion among suicidal American Jews

What more can I say?

#7: "A Short History of Morality"

Here's an excellent piece addressing the moral confusion of our times:

#8: Brilliant new book for American children

Finally, my dear friend Jeff Gottesfeld, whom I know from our longtime synagogue Adat Ari El in Valley Village, CA, has just published a terrific new childrens' book entitled Twenty-One Steps. The book tells the poignant but essential story of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

Please consider giving this book to the children in your lives -- and let others know about Jeff's latest contribution to American literature for children. Thank you.

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