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June 30, 2021: VDH, CRT, and the increasingly dangerous Marxism of our times

Greetings from our family's new home in beautiful Freehold, New Jersey -- an historic garden spot in the aptly-named Garden State!

Despite the acute displeasure of moving from our longstanding family home in L.A. and settling into a new one -- which I am NOW doing for the LAST time! -- I truly love our new home and couldn't be happier to be in New Jersey. I'm surrounded by loving family (immediate and extended), gorgeous trees and foliage in all directions, rolling country roads, and, in truth, seemingly nicer people than in L.A. So what's not to like?

Except, of course, for the utterly dismal -- even if, God willing, short-lived -- state of our beloved country under the radical Democrat fascists now in control. As the always brilliant Mark Levin aptly describes in his upcoming book American Marxism -- which I urge you to pre-order (on Amazon or elsewhere) -- we are experiencing at this very moment an attempted Marxist revolution that is uniquely and squarely aimed at America's political, educational, financial, and cultural institutions.

We must have the courage to fight and defeat this latest Marxist scourge. We must defend our American values, institutions, and culture against this modern form of Leftism -- evil as ever -- that threatens to destroy our country.

God bless America, and God grant to the American people the wisdom and the courage to preserve, protect, and defend our great and good country.

#1: Victor Davis Hanson

There is no more brilliant observer of contemporary America than Victor Davis Hanson. This recent piece from American Greatness is typical of his uniquely profound insight. Virtually every sentence is a gem of thought and expression.

#2: The necessary and righteous battle against insidious Critical Race Theory

Chris Rufo is a hero. And he's a really, really smart one at that.

Rufo has, almost single-handedly, exposed the vile, pernicious, racist poison of CRT. So I'll begin this section with Rufo's brilliant new video essay that examines CRT in some depth. It's well worth the time (about 18 minutes).

We must eradicate the cancer of CRT from our society before it metastasizes beyond control. The time is running short. Here's an excellent place to start:

I'm also linking here Rufo's ' recent piece from the Wall Street Journal which, among other things, refutes the latest leftist lie that CRT is merely an honest telling of our nation's history -- including slavery, segregation, and other manifestations of American racism. That is utter and complete BS. I was educated in Los Angeles public schools in the 1960s and 1970s. I learned all about slavery, segregation, lynching, the KKK, and other racist depravations that have permeated our country's history. I have no doubt this honest assessment of our country's racial history has continued to this day throughout our educational system. We don't need CRT to teach our young people about the horrors of slavery and Jim Crow.

In truth, CRT is a Marxist ideology and strategy to subvert, destroy, and ultimately overthrow all institutions and structures of American society, using racial rather than class division as the basis for revolution -- and, in this case, to spark a race war. Cut the crap leftists!

Here's an excellent piece by the always insightful Ben Shapiro entitled "The Movement Against Critical Race Theory Is Deeply Necessary":

Here, in one of Dennis Prager's weekly "Fireside Chats," he addresses some of the typical CRT claptrap that has made its way into public education:

And here Prager asks: "If America Is Racist, Why Have Millions of Blacks Emigrated Here? Did Jews Emigrate to Germany in the 1930s?"

Here's an excellent piece defending anti-CRT legislation from purported free speech purists -- including leftists and, unfortunately, a few woefully misguided (i.e., moronic) conservatives:

No discussion about leftist abuse of race in contemporary America would be complete without a contribution from the always brilliant Heather Mac Donald:

I'll end this section with an excellent, and perhaps even optimistic, piece by Glenn Loury entitled "The Case for Black Patriotism":

#3: Election honesty

The future of our democracy requires reliably honest elections -- unlike the blatantly fraudulent presidential election of 2020. I was honored to briefly work with Jesse Binnall last year. He's an excellent lawyer and this is a critically important piece entitled "The Left’s Assault on Election Integrity":

#4: Jews can and should fight the left

For many decades the Anti-Defamation League was revered within the American Jewish community. Sadly, however -- and like so many other once venerable institutions -- today's ADL is yet another "woke" leftist advocacy group. Under the despicable leadership of Jonathan Greenblatt the ADL has lost decades of earned integrity and credibility.

The obvious truth: All of these deeply misguided Jews ignore the mortal (read: "existential") danger that leftism, in all of its extreme vestiges (including today's), always has and continues to pose to the Jewish people.

To the extend anyone needs proof of this obvious truth here's a small -- but increasingly typical -- example of contemporary leftist Jew hatred:

And here's a typical example of the manner in which the left even prohibits efforts to combat global Jew-hatred:

So here's a fairly shocking document put together by a group of courageous parents in Georgia who, for good and well-documented reasons, strongly object to today's leftist ADL:

A Resource Guide to the ADL
Download PDF • 534KB

Here's a persuasive piece arguing for more forceful and forthright advocacy for Israel (thanks to my son Louis):

Changing the Focus of Israel Advocacy
Download DOCX • 53KB

Here's an excellent piece by Boaz Munro entitled "Dear American Progressives: Your Jewish friends are Terrified by Your Silence" (thanks to my wife Julie):

Finally, as usual, Trump hits the nail on the head about Jews and Zionism. Frankly, the response of American Jews to President Trump has been nothing short of shameful. It is the epitome of ingratitude. It's disgraceful and, in all honesty, more than a little embarrassing.

#5: Honesty about homelessness

One of the primary reasons we decided to leave Los Angeles -- where I was born and spent virtually my entire life -- is the rampant homelessness that is overtaking the city and the utter failure of its leadership to articulate any coherent or rational response.

I've long argued that spending tens of millions of dollars building expensive "housing units" for homeless people is insane as many (if not most) of those living in permanent encampments on city streets and pooping in city-supplied outhouses under freeway overpasses have chosen this deviant lifestyle centered around drug abuse and are uninterested in moving to public housing where drug abuse would be prohibited.

Here's an interesting piece by the mayor of Aurora, CO describing his undercover venture into the world of homelessness there (thanks to my wife Julie). It corroborates much of which I've long thought about this very unfortunate subject.

#6: More leftist fascism

Thanks as always to the increasingly heroic former NY Times journalist Bari Weiss for publishing this piece by the equally heroic Abigail Shrier relating a typical example of the hardening leftist fascism that has become a dire threat to our Enlightenment-based American values of small government and individual liberty derived from our Creator:

#7: Advice to Fauci: Lawyer up!

Finally, I urge you to watch this video of Rep. Jim Jordan summarizing the already-existing evidence of Fauci's apparent coverup of the COVID pandemic origins during a recent House committee meeting.

By the way, when Republicans retake control of the House in 2022 wouldn't it be refreshing to see Speaker Jordan rather than the feckless and invariably inarticulate Kevin McCarthy?

Happy Independence Day!

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