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May 30, 2022: Welcome (Back) to the Burg Bulletin!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

To those who've previously enjoyed the Burg Bulletin, welcome back! And to those who may be new I hope you enjoy your first Burg Bulletin post.

Amazingly, it's already been a year since the Burg family moved from my lifelong home in Los Angeles -- where my wife Julie and I spent the first 25 years of our marriage and raised our three sons -- to the beautiful Garden State where Julie grew up and much of our family lives. We love it here! And, unfortunately, there's not much to miss about L.A. these days.

As many of you know, I recently ran for Congress against our 42-year RINO incumbent Chris Smith. Although I fell short of my original goal, entering the political fray was a rewarding and life-enriching experience that -- due to the generosity of family and friends -- give me a platform to express my views and introduced me to an incredible group of NJ America First conservatives including Bill Spadea, Pete Nicoletti, Elizabeth and George Nader, Pastor Dominick Cuozzo, Mike and Cara Blasi, Phil Rizzo, and Steve Gray.

I'm honored to be a founding board member of Bill Spadea's Common Sense Club which already has some 40,000 members and is gaining about 1,500 members each week due to Bill's brilliance as a talk radio host reaching a daily drive-time audience of over a million people. I'm so excited to work with Bill, Pete, Elizabeth, George, and other leaders of the Common Sense Club to help turn NJ into a reliably purple state (at least!) that honestly reflects the views and values of the people who live here. And I'm optimistic we'll succeed in breaking apart the inside racket that has long ruled politics here and now frequently produces GOP candidates who neither excite nor represent the America First Republicans who comprise a majority in many NJ counties.

So my life, thank God, has been wonderful since June 2021, when the Burg family landed in beautiful, friendly, peaceful, and historic Freehold, NJ. Tragically, however, during this same year our country has unraveled in virtually every way -- however previously unimagined. It hardly seems possible that our economy, our safety and security, our international power and prestige, our culture, our God-given freedom, indeed our entire society could have so fallen apart so quickly and so completely since January 20, 2021. But that's exactly what has occurred since the inauguration of Joe Biden.

It's shocking, it's disgusting, and it's entirely unnecessary.

Why we are where we are. We need to be clear about what's happening to our beloved country. It frustrates me when conservatives attack the Biden administration as "incompetent." Joe Biden, of course, is utterly incompetent in every way. In fact, he's been our least competent, least intelligent, least thoughtful, most demagogic, and most corrupt national political figure over the past half-century. And now he's demented.

Joe Biden, however, is not running our country. Nothing could be clearer. And those doing so are not "incompetent"; rather, they are quite effective leftists whose ultimate goal is -- in the words of our 44th president on the eve of his (ultimately) tragic election in 2008 -- to "fundamentally transform the United States of America." These radicals want to tear down our cherished Constitutional Republic -- which they view as irredeemably racist, white supremacist, and otherwise evil from conception -- and replace it with a fascistic Marxist government. Think COVID -- but about everything.

To deny this is, in my view, to deny reality. Moreover, these ill-motivated ideologues are well on their way. In fact, if not for Joe Manchin we likely would have passed the point of no return.

Those pulling Biden's strings seem to have adopted Vladimir Lenin's famous admonition: "The worse the better." Lenin, of course, was arguing that the worse-off people are the more ripe they become for revolution. So, far from acting incompetently, from the outset the Biden administration deliberately has sought to make Americans poorer, less safe, and less free so -- like sheep to slaughter -- they eventually can be lulled into fulsome revolution.

For example, to advance their political goals these leftists deliberately have knee-capped our domestic energy industry which, in addition to driving gasoline and diesel prices to record heights, was among the initial triggers of today's devastating consumer price inflation.

To advance their political goals these leftists deliberately have opened our southern border to millions of illegal entrants from around the globe, scores of thousands of whom have disappeared into our cites as "got-aways" about which we know nothing except that they are here -- and all of whom Democrats intend to retain permanently, soon as indebted voters.

To advance their political goals these leftists deliberately have "defunded" and attacked our local law enforcement, eliminated cash bail for violent offenders, and installed Marxist DAs in major cities throughout the country predictably triggering violence, crime, and mayhem from coast to coast.

To advance their political goals these leftists deliberately have pumped trillions of unnecessary dollars into our economy, further indebting future generations and contributing to our worst inflation since the 1970s.

To advance their political goals these leftists deliberately withdrew from Afghanistan -- or at least failed to prevent the moron Biden from doing so -- in the most damaging, humiliating, and immoral manner possible, inflicting upon our country the worst military defeat and loss of credibility in its history and sowing instability from Europe to the Middle East to East Asia.

To advance their political goals these leftists deliberately are poisoning our culture with racial hatred and division using bigoted agitprop which they disseminate en masse to adults and children alike, destroying decades of progress turning America into the most tolerant racially diverse country in human history.

To advance their political goals these leftists deliberately are undermining our families, our faith, and our culture including by toying with the primal division between men and women, sowing confusion and uncertainty among our impressionable children merely to validate their own lifestyle choices (and politics).

So to be clear: What we see around us is not "incompetence." It is an intentional plan to destroy our Constitutional Republic. There is no other reasonable or plausible explanation. No group of people occupying the White House could be this stupid, this feckless, this ineffective, or this misguided. It must be deliberate.

So who's running the show? I also have little doubt that Barack Obama effectively is running our federal government from his Northern White House in MA. Obama seems to pull strings through his minions throughout the Biden administration -- including, most notably, Susan Rice and the aptly-named Samantha Power. I don't believe any person other than Barack Obama could have pulled this off.

Moreover, Obama seems to have installed Biden as the party's 2020 presidential nominee so that, if necessary, Democrats can turn on Biden and blame his obvious "incompetence" -- rather than their leftist program (see above) -- for our country's inevitable plight. This scheme required a candidate so pathetic that he could never develop a reliable constituency or convince Americans that the coming attack would be without basis. And, as Obama knew all-too-well, no one fit this bill better than Joe Biden.

Obama and his operatives apparently are betting that, by the time they have to turn on Biden, their train to calamity will have left the station. Meanwhile they have Kamala Harris -- our most loathsome and clueless political figure (surpassing even Masie Hirono) -- as an insurance policy against Biden's premature impeachment. Ultimately, however, Obama may well let that policy lapse. And my guess is he'd then throw both Joe and Kamala under the bus -- but maybe not simultaneously. I believe Obama also relishes the thought of Hillary's anguish when Kamala -- of all people! -- goes down in history as America's first female president.

Fortunately, however, these leftists overplayed their hand. Obama is no dummy but he's also no Einstein. So, intoxicated with their Oz-like power, Obama and his apparachiks took their leftist program too far too fast. As was demonstrated by the recent election of Glenn Youngkin in VA, Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory, in particular, simply are unacceptable to the vast majority of Americans -- including most independents and a fair number of Democrats.

So, despite the darkness of the present moment, I'm confident enough Americans who revere our Constitutional Republic will join America First Republicans in retaking control of our government in 2022, 2024, and beyond -- thereby saving the United States of America from the abyss.

A few thoughts:

1. The Buffalo and Uvalde murder rampages. Buffalo was horrendous not only because ten innocent human beings were murdered (and others grievously wounded) in a neighborhood market by a mentally ill teenager who'd fallen prey to fringe neo-Nazi indoctrination, but also because our President and other Democrat leaders immediately abused the murder of fellow Americans to attack tens of millions of their political opponents as "racists" and "white supremacists" (apparently meaning anyone who venerates Western Civilization and/or likes Donald Trump).

Then, just a few days later, this same vile President abused the murder of nineteen children and two teachers in an elementary school classroom again to attack his political opponents -- this time over gun confiscation since this particular mass murderer was Hispanic so did not fit the "systemic racism" / "white supremacy" narrative.

Could we have a more despicable Commander-In-Chief?

Looking specifically at the calamity in Buffalo, what should we expect when the political party controlling our federal government regularly launches vicious attacks against Americans of European ancestry and "whiteness" generally? Is anyone surprised that this newly-acceptable anti-white racism is feeding our -- until now -- mostly insignificant neo-Nazi fringe, or that this racist fringe then was able to use the left's anti-white racism to indoctrinate a mentally ill teenager into committing anti-black murder?

And what was the left's predictable response to this foreseeable event? They doubled down on attacking their political opponents as "racists" and "white supremacists" -- all the while led by our lifelong Racist-in-Chief. This, of course, will do nothing but further fertilize the vile neo-Nazi fringe. And who knows whom they next will indoctrinate into carrying out another evil act of counter-racism?

This vicious cycle not only is deeply tragic; it is shameful and inexcusable.

2. Pronouns. I've figured out why it troubles me that professionals add their "pronouns" to business emails. It's not the pronouns themselves as I could care less how adults live -- so long as they are adults when they make any life-altering decisions and don't indoctrinate our children or attack our families.

However, I'm not sure that announcing one's "pronouns" is really about the pronouns themselves. This seems more like a proclamation of one's progressive leftwing political views. I'm confident most of those announcing pronouns on their business emails have strong leftwing views, and also that everyone across the political spectrum knows this to be true. Nor, in reality, is it necessary for the vast majority of pronoun revealers to do so.

But imagine if conservatives made a similar political proclamation on their business emails. What if, for example, I put "America First" on mine? This would seem the mirror image of announcing one's pronouns on the left. Needless to say, however, I'd be shunned and canceled at the snap of a finger.

So, as usual in contemporary America, there's no symmetry. Those on the left are free to announce their politics at any time and in any place -- even at work -- while conservatives must hide their politics professionally and in many other circumstances.

Why? I believe this asymmetry results primarily from the left's control of most mainstream media, the entertainment industry, the technology industry, and the academy. I'd estimate that no more than 20% of Americans are actually on the far political left, i.e., those who identify as "progressive" or "very liberal" Democrats or support even more radical parties. These, of course, are the people most likely to announce their pronouns on business emails. But this same left is able to leverage its control over most mainstream information sources to indoctrinate a far broader swath of Americans into believing that left-wing politics inherently are virtuous while conservativism at root is moronic if not evil.

So it becomes socially acceptable, indeed laudable, to identify professionally on the political left while those on the right are shunned and canceled. Thus, "pronouns" are far from the real issue.

3. Ukraine. To be clear: Putin is a tyrant and his murderous war on Ukraine is evil. These points are beyond dispute. But the following also is undisputable: (1) Ukraine is vital to the security of Russia but not that of the United States; (2) Since at least 2014 the U.S. has provoked Russia including by the Obama-manipulated overthrow of Ukraine's former Russian-friendly government that was replaced by the current U.S.-friendly (and corrupt) government which -- though admirable in some respects -- has allied itself with an overtly Nazi party giving Putin claimed justification for his "de-Nazification" campaign; (3) as was recently acknowledged by Victoria Nuland herself, the U.S. has long overseen a network of Ukrainian biological labs through which we seem to have off-shored our bioweapons program onto Russia's doorstep; and (4) the U.S. welcomes Ukrainian membership in NATO -- a joint defense pact the express purpose of which is to defend Europe and North America against Russia -- which Putin sees as an unacceptable security threat.

As I said while Putin was amassing troops on the Ukrainian border but before he invaded, we should have offered him an agreement foreswearing Ukrainian NATO membership in exchange for peace. There is no need for Ukrainian membership in NATO. And if, as many then argued, Ukrainian NATO membership was not really Putin's grievance then at least we would have smoked him out.

Now we have irresponsible officials -- from both parties -- shouting we're at "war" with Russia and demanding "victory" over Putin and even his personal destruction. This demagoguery plays with fire in an unprecedentedly dangerous way -- and is even more appalling because this "war" will be waged by Joe Biden, Lloyd Austin, and Mark Milley, the very trio of brainiacs and boot-lickers responsible for the greatest military debacle in U.S. history just a few months ago. Despite this, even usually admirable conservatives are demanding that we "win" this "war" against Russia.

Indeed, this is our most frightening national moment since the missile crisis of 1962. As a lifelong student of history our security within a hostile world has always undergirded my political views; I'm certainly no "isolationist" and never have been. Rather, I've long advocated deep U.S. involvement in global affairs including with military force when necessary.

But I also know we must be wise and must learn from our mistakes. Regime change wars have proven to be unsuccessful and costly, and sometimes have resulted in worse outcomes than the original target. And a regime change war with Russia would be the mother of all such wars -- and very likely could lead to nuclear holocaust.

So I'm on the side of Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard here. And, as much as I admire Mark Levin, I think it's shameful for him to smear fellow conservatives who advocate restraint under these circumstances as "the Putin wing of the Republican Party." That's the kind of loose ad hominem BS one normally hears from Democrats, not conservatives.

I also wholeheartedly support the courageous 57 Republican House members and 11 Republican Senators who voted against the grossly irresponsible bill that recently sailed through Congress handing Ukraine another $40 billion from aggrieved U.S. taxpayers. From the outset I've advocated helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression. We've done so (though at a decidedly slower pace under Biden than would have occurred under the previous administration). But an additional $40 billion at this moment is outrageous and, in my view, indefensible.

Moreover, we should be working to bring peace to that devastated country not "victory" over Putin. The U.S. should take an active role in negotiating such peace. Unfortunately, this likely will require Ukraine to lose some of its eastern provinces that are heavily populated with ethnic Russians; Putin will not stop this war without his long-sought "land bridge" from Russia to Crimea, a point he brutally made clear by reducing the city of Mariupol to rubble.

But the alternative is worse: An endless war of murder and destruction that brings with it the significant potential of a nuclear exchange.

In return for peace and mutual security between Russia and Ukraine we also should permanently foreswear Ukrainian membership in NATO, but with one exception: There is no reason Russia should remain our long-term enemy. Despite Russia's loathsome current leader we have much in common with Russia and its people, including having allied with Russians just 80 years ago to defeat Nazism. Isn't this why today's Democrat Russia-hating war-mongers called for a great "re-set" with Russia just a few years ago?

In fact, however, Russia and the U.S. do now share a mortal common enemy: the Chinese Communist Party. Certainly, the CCP today is the most dire threat posed to both Russia and the United States. Nevertheless we unwisely have pushed Putin into an alliance with the CCP. This is in neither Russia's interest nor or own.

So I'd like to see Russia itself join NATO! The alliance then would become a joint defense pact among Europe and North America against the CCP. At that point Ukraine would be welcome to join as well.

This would be wise foreign policy in my view.

Recommended reading:


1. The War On The West by Douglas Murray

This is the latest must-read by one of the wisest and most articulate commentators of our time. The always-brilliant Douglas Murray explores in one place the left's mortal attack on our entire civilization.

2. January 6: How Democrats Used The Capital Protest To Launch A War On Terror Against The Political Right by Julie Kelly

Julie Kelly is among the few journalists sufficiently courageous to pull the curtain on the Reichstag Fire-like event of our day and its political prisoners. The next Congress must take a very close look at what happened before, during, and after January 6. Certainly, most mainstream media are unprepared to do so.

3. The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, And The Global War On Democracy And Public Health by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert Kennedy is a brilliant man with whose politics I usually disagree. Nevertheless he has written a riveting and thoroughly-sourced dissection of Anthony Fauci's power-lust underlying our horrendous responses to both COVID and AIDS using the identical fraudulent strategy that has handsomely rewarded Fauci and his cronies but twice has devastated our country. The information in this book is vital to prevent the next fascistic power grab by ill-motivated public health authorities like Fauci. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

4. Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All by Michael Shellenberger

Michael Shellenberger was once a radical leftwing environmentalist. Now he's merely a Berkeley liberal -- but a fascinating one at that! Shellenberger presents an engaging, well-researched, and deeply personal analysis of climate fraud and its devastating global effects on the natural environment and human flourishing.

BTW I don't always agree with Shellenberger but strongly support his independent campaign for CA governor. A Republican cannot win in that benighted state and Shellenberger would be a huge improvement over the obnoxious radical Democrat Gavin Newsome.

5. Rigged: How The Media, Big Tech, And The Democrats Seized Our Elections by Mollie Hemingway

I've previously recommended this phenomenal work by the great Mollie Hemingway and do so again because the outrageous claim that there is "no evidence" of widespread fraud in the 2020 election continues unabated. It is unadulterated BS. In fact, there is much evidence of coordinated fraud in 2020. And if we cannot "prove" a sufficient number of fraudulent mail ballots tipped the election to Biden in a handful of swing states -- where he purportedly won the presidency by a total of less than 50,000 votes -- then this likely is because mail ballot signature audits have never been conducted in these states!

Here's the report of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman (Ret.) to the state's legislature on the outrageous events that transpired there in 2020:

I also urge you to watch Dinesh D'Souza's new film 2000 Mules which presents more shocking evidence of widespread coordinated voter fraud in 2020:

The point is not to overturn the 2020 presidential election; that, unfortunately, is fraudulent water under a corrupt bridge. But I agree with Trump: If we don't thoroughly investigate and understand what occurred in 2020 and instead sweep it under the rug -- as so many spineless Republicans unwisely urge us to do -- then we undoubtedly will be doomed to future instances of such Democrat fraud and corruption.


Fortunately we have many thoughtful conservatives writing about the awful plight of our country under Democrat rule. So, as always, I could recommend many excellent pieces by numerous brilliant writers.

But this time I'm going to pick just one such person: If, God forbid, I was the leader of the free world then the single person upon whose counsel I'd be most inclined to rely (on virtually anything) would be Victor Davis Hanson.

So here are two excellent VDH pieces:

Imagine the Unimaginable (5/12/22):

Losing the People? Then Change the Rules (5/5/22):

God bless each of you and your families, and God bless the United States of America.

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