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More critically important Rufo on CRT

The newly-empowered Left is seeking to utterly decimate our faith, family, and culture -- and thereby destroy our beloved country -- in many ways. But none is more toxic, more vicious, more inherently racist, and more anti-American than Critical Race Theory. IT MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!

Chris Rufo:

"Right now conservatives, moderates, and anti-woke liberals must make a choice: will you stand against critical race theory or will you enable it? This will be the crucial battle in the years to come and we must make it clear where we stand. Conservatives must recognize that critical race theory is a threat to our foundational American principles; moderates and liberals must join us in the common cause against wokeness.

Fail to recognize this scourge, mislabel or downplay it as so much post-modern argle-bargle that will fade in the dust like an old deconstructionist, and you accept that America as we know her will cease to exist. She will likely do so not with a whimper, but with a bang. Already the radicalized factionalism encouraged by critical race theorists (and editors of The New York Times) is spilling out into the street.

I affirm the statement, issued by the editors of The American Mind, explaining why critical race theory and its attendant ideology is reprehensible and contrary to American values. We must not succumb to the pernicious contemporary tendency to subsume individuals to their immutable characteristics, or to reject the sacred notion of equality under the law in pursuit of socially-engineered 'equity.' I call on all people of good faith to read the statement, assimilate it into their worldview, and disseminate it widely."



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