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MUST READ letter to "woke" NYC private school!

The letter linked below by Andrew Gutmann to the entire community of Brearley, a storied exclusive private school in Manhattan, is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Mr. Gutmann's letter was posted by Bari Weiss, the former NY Times editor who courageously resigned last year to protest that leftist rag sheet's increasingly totalitarian management. Bari is one of an increasing number of traditional liberals who are realizing they have FAR more in common with conservatives than with leftists. This awakening might be the single most important factor in preventing a complete leftist takeover of our beloved country and vanquishing these "woke" leftist fascist totalitarians.

BTW, if any of you knows or has a connection with Mr. Gutmann please let me know. He's a true hero, an obviously brilliant thinker and writer, and I'd love to make contact with him. Thank you.

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