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My letter to the WSJ

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This week I wrote the following letter to the Wall Street Journal in response to the April 10 column of Peggy Noonan -- a virulent Never Trump member of the WSJ editorial staff -- entitled "America Needs the GOP and it Needs Help." Unfortunately they didn't publish it -- maybe because it hit a little to close to home. I've been reading the WSJ daily for 30+ and, although I admire and usually agree with their editorial staff, they certainly did not cover themselves with glory during the Trump presidency. (BTW, you cannot read online WSJ articles without a subscription to I haven't linked the Noonan piece here.)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Peggy Noonan is right: America needs the Republican Party.

But the last thing we need is the feckless, cowardly, values-free, white-shoe Chamber of Commerce-dominated Republican Party of old – particularly in the face of contemporary Democrat fascism (aka “wokeism”).

Whether one loves or hates Donald Trump, Republicans would be extraordinarily foolish to abandon his undeniable accomplishments for the GOP.

President Trump and his pro-America, pro-family, pro-small business policies have created a newly-energized Republican coalition of blue collar workers, middle class entrepreneurs and small business owners, minorities, gig workers, religious Americans, farmers and ranchers, and the vast majority of intellectual conservatives.

This is a winning hand for the future.

At the same time, the Democrat coalition has been reduced to self-interested government employees, Marxist academics and their radicalized students, cowardly but opportunistic multinational corporations, big tech totalitarians and "news" media lackeys, spoiled entertainers and athletes, fat cat investment bankers and other Chinese business interests, and ANTIFA insurrectionists. Not a pretty picture.

Unfortunately, too many traditional liberals still haven't realized that today’s Democrat Party is fundamentally illiberal. Soon, however, many of them will wake up to the reality that “wokeness” is a disease far more lethal than COVID-19.

For these reasons, and irrespective of Donald Trump’s own elective future, wise Republicans committed to our Constitutional values of freedom, individual rights derived from our Creator, limited government, checks and balances, safety and security, and personal autonomy will enthusiastically embrace the Trump Republican Party as the strongest and most effective antidote to radical Democrat destruction of our beloved country.

Those who remain mired in personal animosity toward President Trump should get over it or look elsewhere for political expression.


David L. Burg

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