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September 2, 2021: Anguish

I'm heartbroken. My beloved country is committing suicide before my eyes. It's heartbreaking.

I'm also angry. Furious, actually. I'm furious at those who are inflicting this destruction upon America, and I'm furious at the many others who allowed this to happen by their careless vote in November 2020.

Furious and heartbroken. Not how I prefer to live.

I've been trying to figure out why it's been so difficult to post here. I'm an intellectually-oriented person. I can write about what I'm seeing and can post insightful observations by many brilliant people. But here's the truth: Raw emotion has kept me from posting for over a month. From day to day it's just been too shocking, too infuriating, too heartbreaking.

But I owe it to myself and anyone reading this to review what has occurred. So here goes . . .

How did America descend into this darkness?

Just two short years ago we were on a national glidepath. Our economy was as prosperous as it ever had been for virtually every demographic segment of the American population. We were energy independent for the first time in decades. Our southern border was as secure as it had been for years. We had taken the offensive against loathsome Jihadists by destroying ISIS and killing Al-Baghdadi and Suleimani. We were nearing Iranian capitulation. Our relationship with Israel had never been stronger. We were respected within NATO and throughout the world. We were bargaining with China from a position of strength.

Then it all suddenly came crashing down.

In March 2020, a mysterious "coronavirus" from China prompted panicked politicians and bureaucrats to shut down America virtually overnight. Predictably, leftists quickly saw this as an Alinskyite opportunity to attack our country and undermine our society. And that is exactly what they've done.

These leftists know a population reduced to terror -- irrespective of whether rationally warranted by "science" -- will cede their freedom for promises of safety and security. So Americans reacted to the health crises by giving leftists what they ALWAYS crave: Power and control.

The core view of the hard left for more than a century is that society should be run by a small group of (leftist) "experts" who can operate in the "collective" interest without the annoying inefficiencies and compromise concomitant to a vibrant democratic Constitutional republic. Thanks to COVID, an American population paralyzed by fear finally gave leftists the opportunity to fulfill Barack Obama's unrealized 2008 promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America."

Democrats, meanwhile, saw a vital political opportunity in the pandemic. They had no more critical requirement in 2020 than to prevent Donald Trump's reelection -- AT ALL COST. Unlike the liberal Democratic Party with which many of us grew up, many of today's leftist Democrat leaders see America as evil -- systemically racist, founded in 1619 to perpetuate slavery, run by greedy cisgender Christian capitalist white supremacists, etc. And no one embodies EVERYTHING these Democrats despise about our country more than Donald Trump. Plus he's crude, arrogant, obnoxious, and self-adulating. Trump could NOT be reelected. Period.

As Democrat strategist Rahm Emanuel famously said in 2008: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." So Democrats immediately set to work taking full advantage of COVID to ensure that Trump would not be reelected.

The U.S. Constitution requires that the Electors from each State who choose the President in the Electoral College must be selected "in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct." In other words the Constitution vests exclusive authority in State Legislatures to set the rules for electing our President. Notwithstanding this explicit Constitutional mandate, Democrats hired litigator Marc Elias to march from state to state demanding -- ostensibly because of COVID -- that courts, governors, mayors, and unelected bureaucrats ignore the statutes governing presidential elections that had been duly enacted by their State Legislatures pursuant to the Constitution and instead unilaterally set their own rules for the 2020 election. Specifically, Elias -- working hand-in-glove with leftist rabble rousers like Stacey Abrams -- demanded that these courts, governors, mayors, and unelected bureaucrats facilitate huge unprecedented increases in mail ballots, relax signature verification and other voter identification measures for this flood of mail ballots, extend voting deadlines, install unmonitored ballot drop-boxes, and otherwise ignore fundamental election security requirements codified by the Legislatures of these targeted States.

Elias was supported by hundreds of millions of dollars from Mark Zuckerberg and other Democrat plutocrats. So, not surprisingly, he succeeded in this coast-to-coast scorched earth campaign with Democrats and a few pusillanimous Republicans -- despite having no legislative or Constitutional authority to alter state election laws in this unprecedented manner.

The worst abuse was the explosion of mail ballots. Nearly two decades earlier, the election commission chaired by Jimmy Carter and James Baker -- hardly conservatives -- concluded that mail ballots invariably create the greatest opportunity for fraud. Simply put, there's no election security as reliable as citizens showing up in person to vote (preferably on Election Day, not Election Month). Nevertheless, Democrats who purportedly admire Jimmy Carter (and probably also James Baker for that matter) demanded through aggressive litigation and every manner of threat and coercion a massive, unprecedented deluge of mail ballots in 2020 without enhanced security measures -- and, in many places, without any realistic ability to ensure that only legitimate mail ballots received from duly registered eligible voters would be counted.

Then, in one of the most outrageous derelictions of duty in American legal history, the U.S. Supreme Court's three leftwing justices -- joined by the feckless and cowardly John Roberts -- refused to order Pennsylvania to apply to the upcoming 2020 election the statutory rules that had been Constitutionally enacted by the State's Legislature. Thanks to Roberts, the Supreme Court deadlocked 4-4, thereby preventing crucial intervention. The predictable result was chaos -- another evergreen goal of the left -- and a blatantly unconstitutional election.

Concurrently, Democrats perpetuated the most cynical political ploy in modern American history. They knew an honest and transparent leftist such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren could not be elected. By late February 2020 most other Democrat presidential candidates either had flamed out or also were unelectable. So, just as COVID was beginning to infect the country, Democrat leaders decided to leverage Joe Biden's lone victory in the South Carolina primary on February 29 to resuscitate and anoint him as their presidential candidate.

For decades Biden has been the stupidest and most corrupt politician on the national scene. Joe Biden apparently suffers from an abnormally low IQ and certainly has horrendous judgment. He always has. Just ask Obama's Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who observed that Biden "has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." Maybe this is because Biden has NEVER held core values or beliefs. Like those inflatable street-side hucksters, Joe Biden flaps around incessantly wherever the political winds blow him. When his Delaware-based corporate masters wanted him to protect credit card companies, Biden dutifully complied by enacting a law prohibiting consumers from discharging most consumer credit card debt in bankruptcy. Screw the people; Joe Biden had a political career to worry about. Or when other constituents wanted him to race bate and enact drug laws that would disproportionately impact urban addicts -- "super-predators" as he called them -- Biden gave them just what they wanted. Frankly, this wasn't surprising as Biden's political mentor was Robert Byrd, the former grand poobah of the KKK (or whatever those miscreants called him).

Here's the obvious truth for anyone prepared to examine Biden's five-decade political record: From day one to this moment Joe Biden has cared about two things and two things ONLY -- his own political career and leveraging that career to enrich his family. How else could "blue collar Joe" have parlayed fifty years in politics into a family of millionaires? The man is as corrupt as any national politician during my lifetime.

But Democrat leaders saw a critically-important opportunity in making Biden their 2020 presidential candidate: They knew Joe Biden would do and say literally ANYTHING they wanted him to do and say, both during the remaining campaign and as president. Joe Biden was a perfectly blank slate for the leftist Democrats running the party, a puppet to be manipulated by those in charge (whom I suspect are still led by Barack Obama). And Biden's obviously advancing senility -- which should have disqualified him from consideration irrespective of the fact that he's always been an imbecile (and which any truly loving and loyal wife would have ensured did) -- only increased his attractiveness to these cynical Democrats.

Then, as the pandemic exploded, Democrats realized they could use COVID to hide Biden in Delaware with virtually no public or press access throughout the summer and fall 2020 "campaign." Biden would occasionally smile and wink from his basement; meanwhile, Democrats would deluge the country with anti-Trump ads. This gave Democrats the ability to fraudulently portray Biden as a "moderate" without challenge, despite their manifest intention -- including in a written policy manifesto negotiated with Bernie Sanders but intentionally ignored by the media in service of Biden's election -- to enact the most radical leftist agenda in American history if they succeeded in bamboozling the American people into electing their empty suit. All they had to do -- Weekend at Bernie's style -- was get their manikin through one or two presidential debates that would be "moderated" by anti-Trump activists (Chris Wallace of Fox News being the most crass).

Democrats then piled on by nominating as their vice-presidential candidate the universally-despised -- on a rare bipartisan basis! -- California Senator Kamala Harris, who had launched her San Francisco-based political career from Willie Brown's bed. Earlier in the campaign Biden moronically painted himself into an unnecessary corner -- by shameless pandering of course -- when he promised to nominate a black woman as VP. So there were limited apparent choices for those running the Democrat presidential operation during the summer of 2020. But choosing Harris served two vital purposes: She fulfilled Biden's idiotic intersectional campaign promise, and she would be valuable insurance against impeachment or invocation of the 25th Amendment. Virtually no one from either party would want to see Kamala Harris become America's first woman president.

Then came the cheating. I'll start by explaining my terms. "Cheating" obviously includes outright criminal fraud, i.e., stuffing the proverbial "ballot box" in whatever media or method is required. But it means more than that. I believe cheating includes conduct that clearly violates what should be bipartisan contemporary American norms, customs, practices, and mores around presidential elections. For example, the news media are not supposed to conspire to suppress an election story of monumental significance in exclusive service to one political party. Nor are the technology companies running our vital communication systems supposed to conspire to manipulate their "algorithms" -- whatever those are (I was a history major) -- also in exclusive service to that same political party. I think that's cheating.

But Democrats did all of this in 2020. A Harvard educated expert on behavioral research and technology, Dr. Robert Epstein, concluded through exhaustive analysis that Google deliberately "manipulated" the presidential election by steering traffic away from Trump and exaggerating anti-Trump messaging, thereby garnering at least six million votes for Joe Biden. (See And a new book by former Google engineer Zach Vorheis entitled Google Leaks: A Whistleblower's Exposé of Big Tech Censorship documents how rampant "Trump Derangement Syndrome" within Google caused blatant anti-Trump censorship by the most powerful corporate monopoly ever to have existed.

Then, just weeks before the election, the mainstream "news" media -- ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. -- conspired with Big Tech (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to thoroughly kill what under normal circumstances would have been a story of immense interest and significance.

The NY Post reported that the FBI held a laptop computer belonging to Joe Biden's ne'er-do-well son Hunter. For years, Joe Biden has expressly and repeatedly denied ANY knowledge of or participation in Hunter Biden's shady global influence-pedaling business that has raked in millions of dollars in places like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, and Romania by selling access to Joe Biden. In October 2020, Miranda Divine of the NY Post reported that Hunter Biden's laptop contains documentary proof (among many other incriminations) that Joe Biden has been blatantly lying about this -- including evidence of a recent scheme to form a joint venture with a Chinese company (apparently linked to the Chinese Communist Party) that clearly included Joe Biden.

Then, Tony Bobulinski, a respected international businessman with a solid pedigree of credibility, spent an hour on Fox News explaining in great detail to millions of mostly Republican viewers how he had been approached by Hunter Biden to manage this Chinese joint venture and how, during this work, he had met TWICE with Joe Biden to discuss it. Bobulinski had emails and voluminous other documentary proof supporting his narrative, all of which he had given to the FBI along with his cell phones and other mobile devices.

So many Fox News viewers saw strong credible evidence that Joe Biden was outright lying to the American people when he denied knowledge of his son's shady international business dealings. Imagine credible evidence emerging in October 2020 that Donald Trump had lied by falsely denying knowledge of his son's shady international business dealings. No sentient American could have avoided it.

But Democrats and their corporate allies were determined to kill the actual Joe Biden story -- and, shockingly, they succeeded. Twitter immediately froze the NY Post's account and prevented any dissemination of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Google and Facebook promptly joined the clampdown. As did the aforementioned ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. Ask your CNN-watching Democrat friends and family if they've ever heard of Tony Bobulinski. I doubt they have.

On rare occasions when questioned about this outrageous journalistic malpractice, media mouthpieces have duplicitously cited a letter signed by "fifty former intelligence officials" who claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story showed "signs" of a "Russian disinformation operation." However, these partisan hacks admitted in the same letter that they had no idea whether the emails on Hunter's laptop actually "are genuine or not," and that they "do not have evidence of Russian involvement." It was "just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case."

Maybe we shouldn't be amazed that, when confronted with dramatic evidence that could have turned the 2020 presidential election against Joe Biden -- and post-election polling indicates it would have -- Democrats fell back on their old standby: the "Russia Collusion" claptrap. What utter, undiluted BS. In fact, we now know it was BS; the laptop and its contents did in fact belong to Hunter Biden. But this should have been obvious to any real journalist at the time. Instead, it was an ugly excuse for outright censorship. Then, to add insult to injury, Joe Biden cited those pathetic "intelligence" hacks to deflect a question asked by Trump -- not, of course, by Chris Wallace -- during the first presidential debate.

In my book that's cheating.

Like many millions of other Americans, however, I believe Democrats also used old fashioned, honest-to-goodness ballot fraud to steal the 2020 election. Specifically, I think enough fraudulent mail ballots were counted in a handful of notoriously-corrupt Democrat-run cities (including Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, Las Vegas, and maybe Pittsburgh and Phoenix) to swing the Electoral College to Joe Biden.

Bear in mind the election purportedly was won by less than 50,000 votes out of a total of more than 155,000,000 cast. (See We know from the Carter-Baker findings that mail ballots are inherently dangerous. We know signature verification of the unprecedented flood of mail ballots received in those cities was lax at best and nonexistent at worst. We know partisan observers were excluded from this process in all of those places. We know Trump was well ahead when at 3am ET on the night of the election all counting suddenly -- and simultaneously -- was halted in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit. The halt in Atlanta was justified by what we now know were false reports of a "water main break" in the Fulton County tabulation center. None of this has never been explained. We know hundreds of people submitted sworn affidavits describing various chicanery they witnessed involving mail ballots. We have security video footage of election workers in Atlanta waiting until the media and election observers had been shooed out of the tabulation center -- including by this "water main" fabrication -- to pull containers of ballots that had been hidden under tables and run them through the tabulation machines, some of them multiple times. And we know of numerous fairly stunning statistical and historical anomalies in the claimed 2020 election results. (See; and

Can I prove Democrats fraudulently turned the 2020 presidential election to Biden? Not at this moment. Could I prove so if given access to relevant documents? Yes, I believe I probably could. Which documents? The most crucial are the envelopes in which mail ballots arrived in the handful of cities at issue. These envelopes were required to have been signed by the duly registered eligible voter whose ballot was inside it, and election authorities were legally required to preserve them. The signatures on these envelopes can be compared to those on record for their respective voters. Non-matching signatures and missing envelopes would constitute strong evidence of fraudulently counted mail ballots.

In fact, this analysis could have been quickly done on a sample audit basis in November and December 2020, when Republicans filed election fraud lawsuits in each of the questionable jurisdictions. In every one of those cases, however, the Republican plaintiffs were denied the right to obtain these mail ballot envelopes and other potentially relevant evidence through ordinary civil discovery. Thus, unless they could walk into court on Day One and prove their case it was summarily thrown out.

I've been a civil litigator for 35 years and can assure you this is NOT how our legal system is supposed to work. Plaintiffs file lawsuits making allegations based on known (see above) and reasonably suspected facts that would, if true, be unlawful. Then they are given the opportunity to obtain evidence from the opposing side (documents, information, and testimony) to prove their case at trial. In urgent matters -- which one would think includes litigation challenging the outcome of a close presidential election -- courts can expedite discovery. But this did not occur in ANY of these lawsuits. So the mantra that "all 70 Republican lawsuits were thrown out of court" is meaningless. Simply put, Republicans weren't permitted the ammunition to fight.

The same is true of "recounts." The issue was NOT that ballots had been miscounted. The issue was that fraudulent ballots had been included in the original count. So recounting them accomplished exactly NOTHING! Hello Governors Kemp and Ducey . . .

Then a few foolish Republicans caused enormous harm to the already difficult task of establishing election fraud within the short available window of time. Sydney Powell and a few others made wild allegations of electronic voter fraud, including tabulations routed through foreign countries and computer systems intentionally designed to facilitate fraud. Talk about taking your eyes off the prize! I have no idea if any of Powell's allegations are true. But they were entirely beside the point in December 2020. The critical issue ALWAYS was the flood of unverified mail ballots in electoral swamps like Philadelphia. Trump had predicted this for months. The exorbitant claims by Powell and her ilk diverted critically-needed attention from the real issue at precisely the wrong moment. Of course, Democrats and their media mouthpieces pounced and, as a result, all discussion of election fraud soon became virtually treasonous. And this despite Democrats' own -- thoroughly disproven -- accusations of "Russian collusion" in 2016 that continue to this day!

By January 6, 2021, tens of millions of Americans were furious at the obvious mendacity they had witnessed before, during, and after the November 3 election. Thousands of them went to Washington, DC to hear President Trump decry these awful events and to protest Congressional certification of what they sincerely believed was a fraudulent election. I was with them in spirit; I was just as furious about this blatantly unconstitutional and apparently stolen election that would have disastrous consequences for our country. And I was furious that all who had questioned the veracity of the election were denied any ability to prove it; we were simply told to shut up and accept the outcome (including by many prominent Republicans).

A few hundred of the people who went to Washington on January 6 -- some of whom apparently were FBI informants -- then committed a heinous act: they assaulted Capitol Hill Police officers and violently broke into the U.S. Capitol. Others entered the Capitol through open doors, in some cases ushered in by Capital Hill Police officers. Video depicts many of them peacefully protesting inside, even observing the visitor ropes in the rotunda. They took selfies. A few entered the Senate chambers and disrespected Nancy Pelosi's office. No one was arrested for bringing arms into the Capitol; in fact, no firearms were confiscated at the Capitol that day. The only non-natural fatality was the tragic death of protester Ashli Babbit, who was shot without warning by a member of the Capitol Hill Police. And the FBI has confirmed it has "scant" evidence of any coordinated attack. (See

So what actually occurred on January 6? Here's the truth: A planned political protest at the Capitol by several thousand angry Trump supporters devolved into a riot that was quickly subdued. Some doors and windows of the Capitol were damaged. Congressional certification of the 2020 presidential election was delayed for a short time. It was not the second coming of Gettysburg or Pearl Harbor.

But a small number of angry Trump supporters did commit one of the stupidest acts in American political history.

Here's one thing January 6 most certainly was NOT: an "insurrection." UNARMED protesters do NOT enter the U.S. Capitol with the insurrectionist intent to overthrow anything -- other than perhaps a fraudulent election. Want to see a real "insurrection"? Watch the ANTIFA thugs who violently and viciously attacked the United States Courthouse in Portland, Oregon with firebombs and other weaponry every night for months over the summer of 2020, attempting to destroy the building and do grievous harm to the federal employees guarding and inside it. Or watch the BLM riots in cities across our country that summer. They are much closer to "insurrections" than the events of January 6, however pathetic and inexcusable the latter. But few of the violent ANTIFA and BLM rioters have been prosecuted, much less imprisoned. Meanwhile, dozens of those arrested for having been at the Capitol on January 6 -- mostly on non-violent trespass and illegal entry charges -- have been rotting in jail for months, some in solitary confinement, BEFORE TRIAL. Sadly, these are modern America's first true political prisoners.

Not surprisingly, moreover, leftists have manipulated the events of January 6 to advance their radical political agenda. These advocates of venomous Critical Race Theory long have claimed our country is dominated by "white supremacists" -- a smear, in typical leftist parlance, that never is defined. When examples of rampant "white supremacy" are cited they're usually demonstrably false -- such as the vulgar lie about Trump's reaction to Nazi racists in Charlottesville. (See The number of true "white supremacists" like Nazis and the KKK in our country of nearly 350,000,000 people is tiny. There are FAR more violent Marxists (actually leftist militia) such as ANTIFA. Moreover, unlike the radical left, these "far right" groups have no political power whatsoever; they are excluded from the Republican Party (e.g., David Duke) and have no representation equivalent to the Marxist "Squad" at any level of government. In reality, although we certainly should remain vigilant against all racists -- on all sides of the political spectrum -- the relatively few actual "white supremacist" groups in this country, however vile and loathsome, are politically insignificant and largely inconsequential.

But when leftists use the term "white supremacists" today they're not referring merely to Nazis and the KKK. They really mean conservative Trump voters of any race or ethnicity. So the events of January 6 enabled them to racialize January 6 by claiming it was an outburst of "white supremacy."

I'm aware of no basis, however, to conclude that true "white supremacists" organized or dominated anything at the Capitol on January 6. Nevertheless, using January 6 as its pretext, the Biden administration has organized the entire federal government -- including the Department of Justice, the "intelligence community," and the Department of Defense -- to "root out" purported "white supremacists" from our midst. Not surprisingly, Nancy Pelosi has joined the fray by establishing a House select committee ostensibly to "investigate" January 6 -- on which she shockingly refused to seat members of the minority party for the first time in Congressional history. The transparent purpose of this charade, however, is partisan rather than investigative; Pelosi and her lieutenants intend to use this Congressional committee to attack their political opponents in a desperate play to protect their thin majority in 2022. In support of their partisan agenda, leaders of Pelosi's committee -- including the shameless and chronically mendacious Adam Schiff -- are now attempting to leverage raw political power to obtain private communications of their political opponents, including Republican members of Congress, from their corporate allies. This outrageous abuse of fundamental Constitutional rights is unprecedented, dangerous, and disgraceful.

Joe Biden took office a little over seven months ago. He had been sold to the American people as a calm, experienced, dignified anti-Trump -- and, above all, a political moderate. In the 2020 election Democrats barely held control of the House. The Senate is deadlocked 50-50. Republicans made significant state and local gains across the country. Under these circumstances no honest person can claim Americans gave Democrats a mandate for radical leftist change in 2020.

But that is exactly what Biden -- or, more precisely, Biden's leftist handlers -- set out to do from the moment he was sworn in. To be clear: These Democrats are enacting the most radical agenda in American history, feverishly working within what they expect will be a brief window of opportunity to fulfill Barack Obama's 13-year old promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America."

To accomplish this "fundamental transformation" they've opened our southern border to unlawful entry by hundreds of thousands (and ultimately millions) of impoverished migrants from all over the third world -- many infected with COVID -- who will remain here permanently, along with vast quantities of drugs, gangs, and crime. They're cramming pernicious Critical Race Theory down the throats of Americans at school and work, transparently seeking to provoke racial hostility in the world's most tolerant and inclusive racially diverse country. Their socialist economic policies are causing a devastating labor shortage and rampant consumer price inflation, and they're attempting to ram through on a purely party-line vote another $5+ trillion in spending along with a massive (and likely irreversible) metastization of the federal welfare state. Their "woke" military leaders are so obsessed with "white rage" and rooting out "white supremacists" (read Trump supporters) that, for the first time in modern American history, they appear unable to competently defend this country. They're implementing the Green New Deal by executive fiat, shutting down pipelines, curtailing energy production, and rendering the U.S. energy DEPENDENT once again. They advocate such radical ideology on basic human sex that males are permitted to dominate female athletics and the (leftist) American Pediatric Association claims there's no way to know a baby's sex at birth. But for the stance of one or two Democrat senators, these radicals would pack the U.S. Supreme Court with new leftist justices, pack the U.S. Senate by granting statehood to expected Democrat voters, pack the American electorate by permitting vast numbers of non-citizens to vote after usurping complete Democrat control over all federal elections, and they would -- with the thinnest Congressional majority -- do anything and everything else they deem necessary to assure absolute unilateral Democrat control of this country for years and decades to come.

Now, on top of everything else, Joe Biden has inflicted the greatest international damage upon the United States in the history of our country. The negative reverberations of Biden's catastrophic and cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan will be felt by our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Whether one believes we should or should not have kept our 2,500 non-combat troops there indefinitely -- I tend toward the former -- Biden mangled the withdrawal so badly that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are now far stronger than when we entered Afghanistan twenty years ago. Biden -- and the pusillanimous military, diplomatic, and "intelligence" charlatans with whom he is surrounded -- admittedly abandoned hundreds of American citizens and thousands of Afghans who risked their lives to work with us (and service dogs we trained) who now are desperately trapped behind enemy lines. Many of them undoubtedly will be tortured and butchered. He angered and alienated our NATO and Afghan allies by pulling out of Bagram Air Force Base -- an idiotic decision to begin with -- in the middle of the night without warning, leaving $85 billion of advanced American military equipment in the hands of vile and dangerous Jihadists and transforming the Taliban into one of the most powerful fighting forces in the region. Thirteen of our brave American soldiers were murdered by Jihadist terrorists because they were forced to defend the Kabul Airport like sitting ducks after we foolishly abandoned Bagram.

Here's the bottom line: Biden cut and ran on terms and on a timetable set by Jihadists. He made America look weak and pathetic, undermining our power and prestige for many years to come. And the entire humiliating debacle was driven by Biden's own petulant need to gloat about having pulled America out of Afghanistan before the 20th anniversary of 9-11. This was an enormous -- and utterly self-inflicted -- calamity of epic proportions.

As if this wasn't bad enough, the leftists running the Biden administration are now cynically abusing the Afghan crisis by blindly rushing scores of thousands of unknown and unvetted migrants into our country, further advancing their ultimate goal of "transforming" America. Rather than extract Afghan interpreters and others who risked their lives working for America to whom we made – and Biden has now broken – promises of safety and security, Biden’s minions filled departing aircraft in Kabul with any and all available Afghans who had managed to scramble to the gates. They did so irrespective of whether these people qualified for Special Immigrant Visa status given to Afghans who had worked with us, and without any serious security vetting. Biden’s obvious directive was to fly as many Afghans as possible to the U.S. so he disingenuously could stand in front of the country – as Biden shamelessly did on August 31, 2021 – and laud his “extraordinary success” in having "airlifted" 100,000 Afghans to America. This despite the utter catastrophe all sentient Americans have witnessed due entirely to Joe Biden’s horrendous decisions. In the words of the always brilliant Melanie Phillips, the speech was contemptable. ( token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoyNzIwMzgxNCwicG9zdF9pZCI6NDA3NTM1ODMsIl8iOiJ5eFZpYyIsImlhdCI6MTYzMDYwOTYyMCwiZXhwIjoxNjMwNjEzMjIwLCJpc3MiOiJwdWItNzc2NTUiLCJzdWIiOiJwb3N0LXJlYWN0aW9uIn0.uT5cN0iZ-rbjO2b_rO67oqzhjHkClzOW8unOp_yZJXE.)

There are three years and five months remaining in Biden's term. Irrespective of whether he finishes or is succeeded by Kamala Harris, the leftists running this government will be able to do further incalculable damage to our country during this remaining time. Thankfully, however, we (still) live in a Constitutional republic. So long as Democrats don't cram their fascistic election takeover through this Congress the American people will retain ultimate power. If, God willing, Larry Elder unseats Gavin Newsome in California later this month, and if Republicans regain control of the House and even the Senate in 2022, then much of the leftist destruction during Biden's remaining term can be reigned in. And then a Republican president in 2024 can restore as much of our country to pre-Biden greatness as will remain possible.

Perhaps Donald Trump will go down in history as the president who unmasked the utter depravity of the left for the American people. And perhaps 2020-22 will prove to have been the pinnacle of leftist power in this country forever.

We are Americans. Let's dedicate ourselves to doing everything within our power to save our beloved country. And let's pray we are successful.

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