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Terrific new PragerU video

Few people have influenced my political and moral thinking as much as Dennis Prager.

I started listening to him in the early 1980s when he began hosting Religion on the Line on KABC Talkradio -- a program I'd previously been listening to for several years.

At that time I was a hardcore leftist so, of course, loathed Dennis Prager. But after about a decade of listening to him, reading him, and occasionally calling him on the radio, Prager finally got to me. He invited me to his home for Shabbat dinner in the early 1990s and by then the deal was sealed.

PragerU is having an enormous impact in countering the left's virtual media monopoly. Their 5-minute video courses get billions of unique views each year, mostly from young people.

Although many of the most brilliant minds of our time have presented their videos, this particular one is given by Dennis himself.

I urge you to watch it, explore the PragerU website and watch some of their other outstanding videos, consider financially supporting them, and -- most importantly -- share PragerU videos particularly with younger people whom they could truly impact.



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