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May 5, 2021: Josh Hawley, Nuclear Energy, Leftist Jew-Hatred, and my dream letter to the WSJ

Please bear with me as I work out how best to format fewer, consolidated posts so as not to inundate subscribers and prevent your being WIXed!

#1: Sen. Josh Hawley is the man!

Sen. Hawley is leading the charge to use federal antitrust law to break up the Big Tech behemoths that are threatening to destroy our Constitutional republic. These corporations have FAR more power and control than any previous enterprises known to human civilization, and they are using their control of information -- the most important source of power -- to censor the American people and manipulate our political system.

BIG IS BAD -- whether in government or private corporations. As our brilliant Framers well understood, the concentration of power inevitably leads to tyranny. Freedom is maintained by broadly diffusing power.

Using the power of government to break up, reign in, and regulate these woke corporate tyrants does NOT violate core conservatives principles as some very unwise, anti-populist Republicans are now arguing. The Republican Party must stand for SMALL government and SMALL business. Using government to FACILIATE an open, competitive market is entirely appropriate. Josh Hawley gets it. He's a rising bright light in the Republican Party and within the conservative movement.

#2: Go Green, Go Nuclear!

The inherent fraud of Climate Hysteria is exemplified by the left's refusal to adopt widespread nuclear energy -- the only alternative source that's actually able RIGHT NOW to significantly replace fossil fuel electric generation -- rather than solar power and wind turbines that cannot possibly do so.

Here's the truth: Reducing carbon emissions is NOT the real goal of the radicals demanding urgent action to "save our planet." Rather, their goal is to undermine our free market economy and thereby bring about the Marxist revolution that otherwise would not happen without this manipulative panic-mongering.

If 2020 taught us anything it's the power of FEAR. These leftist "environmental" tyrants have known that for a very long time.

#3: Anti-Zionism = Jew Hatred

Excellent piece by Carolyn Glick:

#4: And yet more Leftist Jew-Hatred from the Biden Administration:

#5: My letter to the WSJ (that I can't send)

I've read the WSJ editorial page daily for decades. It's one of the most important non-left media voices remaining. But, unfortunately, we've parted ways over Trump and his populist, America First agenda.

Today the WSJ ran an editorial entitled "Purging Liz Cheney" in which they bemoaned the long overdue removal of Liz Cheney from her leadership position within the Republican Congressional caucus -- something that should have happened months ago.

But one statement in their foolish editorial particularly caught my eye: "The election wasn't stolen."

I like to send the following letter in response. I can't do so in today's fascistic climate because it could harm my law partners and our legal practice. So I'll share it with you on The Burg Bulletin!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

On what basis do you proclaim the 2020 Presidential election "wasn't stolen"?

The election was decided by around 50,000 votes in a handful of Democrat-run cities. And it certainly was unconstitutional as the half-dozen states at issue conducted their elections not pursuant to state law -- as is required by our Constitution -- but rather by executive, bureaucratic, and judicial fiat.

Given these undisputed facts, has there been a fulsome investigation of the election in any of these jurisdictions? Has any court permitted -- much less facilitated -- use of our legal system to actually gather and evaluate evidence? Has a signature check audit been conducted in even one of these cities? Have the hundreds of sworn affidavits evidencing likely fraud been run to the ground? Has anyone explained why vote tabulation suddenly shut down in the middle of the night in several of these notoriously corrupt places -- all at the same time? Why were we lied to about a burst water main in Atlanta just before improper continuing tabulation that was caught on video? Do you truly believe all of the shocking statistical anomalies in this election are coincidental?

For more than three years we were forced to endure a massive Democrat attack on Trump's 2016 election based on manufactured falsehoods, outrageous legal corruption, and blatant media collusion. Is it too much to ask that we be permitted to simply discuss and explore what really occurred last November rather than witnessing every mainstream media outlet -- including the Wall Street Journal -- pronounce from the mountaintop what is true and what is false?


David L. Burg

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