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The dangerous and destructive ADL

For many decades the Anti-Defamation League has been America's preeminent non-partisan national Jewish organization.

Today, however, under the leadership of Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL has become a purely leftist cabal that certainly no longer represents American Jews across the political spectrum.

This is doing irreparable damage to the American Jewish community!

I have a serious question for leftist Jews including those now running the ADL: If the Marxist organizations that you now support -- such as Jew-hating BLM -- succeed in provoking a race war in this country, as they appear to be determined to do, which side will welcome Jews?

The obvious answer: Neither side. In fact, Jews will be hated by both sides and would be the biggest losers in such a race war.

Whites would be unlikely to welcome Jews after most prominent Jewish organizations (including the ADL, the Reform Movement, the Conservative Movement, etc.) have loudly supported BLM, CRT, and the entire anti-white racist agenda of today's fascistic left.

And the black leadership of these groups are already blatant Jew haters.

So I admonish my fellow American Jews in no uncertain terms: Be VERY careful what you wish (and advocate) for. Social and political instability have NEVER been good for Jews anywhere.

Please read this article by the brilliant Kenneth Levin:

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