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January 30, 2022: Time To Fight!

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, last June my family moved from Los Angeles -- my birthplace and lifelong home -- to central New Jersey near my wife's home town and close to much of her (our) family. My wife and our three sons (20, 19, 17) have spent a good deal of time here over the 25 years of our marriage, we love this place, and the city of my own birth unfortunately is in devastating freefall. So we sold our home in L.A. and bought a beautiful house near historic Freehold, NJ in Monmouth County. We couldn't be happier!

I moved to NJ with no intention of running for public office. This past November, however, just two days after our exhilarating victories in VA, NJ, and elsewhere, my own Congressman was one of the 13 idiotic Republicans who crossed party lines to vote for the woke Democrat $1.2 trillion "Infrastructure" Bill -- handing Biden an undeserved victory, saving Pelosi from a very helpful civil war within the most destructive party in American history, and enacting bad law that prioritizes Green New Deal BS over real infrastructure. And it does nothing to harden our vulnerable electric grid, perhaps our most critical infrastructure requirement. I was furious!

Then I learned more about Chris Smith. He's held this seat for over 40 years, having first been elected in 1980. He's now serving his 21st term in office. Yet he's virtually unknown outside D.C. and this district!

And the Infrastructure Bill was not Smith's first inexcusable vote. He also saw fit to break with the Republican party in May 2021 when he supported Pelosi's fraudulent January 6 "select" committee rather than allowing a standing committee to conduct a truly bipartisan investigation with majority and minority reports. Instead Smith voted to hand Pelosi unilateral power to seat her own essentially one-party committee that obviously was intended to be -- and is -- a purely partisan tool of Democrat hacks. Well done Chris Smith!

In other words my own Congressman is the purest form of RINO swamp creature! ! Worse, he's utterly CLUELESS about the mortal threat our beloved country faces from today's radical Democrats.

So this past November I threw my hat in the ring. I'm running against Smith in the June 2022 Republican primary. Here's why: Our country is in crisis. It's future is in peril -- from within. The hard Left is on the verge of absolute control. We need FIGHTERS to save America from these radicals who are within a lone Senate vote of permanently "transforming" our sacred Constitutional Republic into a one-party state governed by a fascist alliance between Big Business and an all-powerful centralized government. It's happening before our very eyes. And it's late in the game.

Friends, I've never had this opportunity. Until we moved here I'd spent my entire life in leftwing Democrat districts. So I'm showing our sons that even a 64-year old fart can fight for his country at its moment of need.

NJ's 4th Congressional District, where we live, is R+28 -- meaning the June primary very likely will decide our next Congressman. In fact, CD4 recently became redder through redistricting, as several towns Smith has represented for years (including his own) are now gone and the district added a number of more conservative towns in Ocean County. This is an unusually conservative part of NJ. And it's Trump country.

Also, everything points to low turnout in June -- which should make Smith increasingly vulnerable. This is a non-presidential year, a non-Senate year, and NJ just had its statewide gubernatorial likely resulting in voter fatigue. The Congressional election will be the top of the ticket. I anticipate only about 25,000 Republicans will vote in this primary, and there are several other candidates -- so it won't take an exorbitant number of votes to win.

Also, President Trump has called for Smith to be primaried and probably will endorse one of his challengers. I have a direct connection into the team handling Trump's 2022 Congressional endorsements as a result of having volunteered to help the Trump campaign litigate a 2020 election case in NV. They are aware of my candidacy. If I can establish sufficient fundraising credibility I believe I'll have a real shot at President Trump's (potentially dispositive) endorsement.

I'm also gratified to report that -- as a result of very generous friends and family -- I've been able to raise enough funds to hire an excellent political consultant who specializes in Republican primary challenges, and an equally excellent media/PR consultant who worked in the Trump Administration and has terrific connections and expertise.

Primary challenges are tough. And I'm taking on a particularly entrenched incumbent.

But if there's ever been a year in which Chris Smith can be knocked off -- and replaced by a true conservative who will fight for the preservation of our country -- it is 2022.

If I can raise enough money I'm quite confident I can unseat Chris Smith.

I hope you'll consider helping me.

Here's my website where you can read more about the campaign and, hopefully, generously donate to the cause:

I'd also deeply appreciate your sharing this post and my Burg For Congress Facebook Page as far and wide as possible:

Thank you and God bless America.


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