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We ignore rising Jew hatred at our own peril

Jew hatred is the only form of bigotry that is now excused -- and encouraged -- by the woke left. And, of course, it has long existed among fringe Nazi and KKK-type groups on the so-called extreme "right." But by focusing on those relatively Jew haters to the exclusion of the MUCH more prominent -- AND MAINSTREAM -- Jew hatred on the political and cultural left, Jewish organizations such as the ADL, URJ, and USCJ are idiotically succombing to an obvious diversionary tactic.

In other words, Jewish silence in the face of rising leftwing Jew hatred exemplifies how so many "liberal" Jews can be both intelligent and shockingly foolish at the same time.

Frankly, it's suicidal. But Jews do seem over the millennia to have been particularly skilled at suicide.

"If Jewish history is any guide, then what the future may hold for American Jews is hardly encouraging. Perhaps, we like to convince ourselves and others, America is different. Perhaps it is one station of the Exile that will prove to be the exception, offering Jews a long-term respite from persecution and fear. But if the storm clouds on the horizon are any indication, it may be time for American Jews to start rethinking their prospects. Before it is too late."

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