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Welcome to The Burg Bulletin!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is a long time coming but it seemed too daunting a task until our son Louis put this very cool website together in a day!

I've been a political junkie since the 1968 Presidential election (when I was 11). You can read about my political development in the About section.

For many years I expressed my conservative views on Facebook. Doing so consumed increasing amounts of time, energy, and angst -- but it gave me a forum. Then, in the summer of 2018 -- shortly after starting my Presidency of Adat Ari El (a prominent Conservative synagogue in the San Fernando Valley) -- my conservative Facebook posts caused a furor among a small but vocal group of congregants. So I closed my account and have never reopened it. Nor have I used Twitter, Instagram, or other social media.

For the past nearly three years, my primary political expression has been sending brilliant online pieces written by others to a small group of friends and family.

I will continue to do so through this blog and sometimes will add my own thoughts. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and post -- or, if we disagree, are intellectually challenged.

I'm beginning this blog in April 2021 -- the darkest moment in American history for many decades. We are facing true fascist control of our own country for the first time ever. The Democrat Party has been taken over by the hard left using Marxist academic propaganda such as "critical race theory." These leftists realize the benefit of allying with big business -- including the largest, most powerful, and most influential companies ever to have existed -- which is the classical fascist relationship.

Contrary to the Big Lie of the left, fascism has always been a leftist political movement. The original Italian fascists, such as Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile, were Marxists. But they realized that Marx's vision of an international class-based revolution was unrealistic. People resonate far more with national than class allegiance. So in fascism these leftists created nationalist rather than class-based Marxism. Not surprisingly, Hitler (another man of the left) called his movement National Socialism.

The fascists also realized the economy would benefit from the continued existence of large companies -- which are better at running the economic infrastructure than the government, and always have conspired with the regulatory state to squash their small and mid-sized competitors -- so long as the leftist totalitarian government retains ultimate and complete authority.

Like their Italian forbearers, contemporary multinational corporations are only too happy to enter into this Faustian bargain with Democrats. As a result, today our country is being run by hard left Democrats such as Barak Obama, Susan Rice, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi in concert with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and their "news" media lackeys -- all of whom are eager to return the favor by "privately" but effectively censoring the Democrats' political adversaries.

In the face of this darkness and depravity, my first post will be a note of optimism about the path forward for the Republican Party. It's a letter I wrote this week to the Wall Street Journal in response to a column by Peggy Noonan -- a virulent Never Trump member of the WSJ editorial staff -- entitled "America Needs the GOP and it Needs Help." I hope you enjoy it.

And I hope we all enjoy The Burg Bulletin!

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